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A Stainless Steel Cleaner That Works

By on July 9, 2014
Stainless Steel Appliances

This was not an easy task. Using each product and then watching it fail was disheartening. And it was expensive too. The cleaners averaged a cost of $30 or more for an average 16 ounce spray can. At one point we had decided that there was no such thing as a product that could make stainless steel look good. Then, as things usually go at the Carey household and test laboratory, we finally discovered a magnificent formula that would forever solve our problem with stainless steel streaks once and for all. We aren’t going to list all of the products that we tried, but it was more than 40.

The one that worked was Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Cleaner. I am sure if you call the folks at Orange Glo they wil tell you that the Carey Brothers are nut balls. But the truth is their product, made to clean hardwood floors, works like a charm. Use soap and water to clean your stainless. Don’t worry about streaks. Just get the stainless clean. Next, apply a thin coat of OGFC. It’s magic. No fingerprints, no streaks, no mess and no bother. Caution. If the OGFC dribbles onto the floor that area will become slick and slippery, so use a towel, blanket or drop cloth between your appliance and your floor.

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