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Spackle and Spray Fix Holes

By on April 22, 2014

Fixing a small hole in a wall can be a real challenge especially if the wall has a textured finish. It’s not so much the hole repair that gives most folks trouble, it’s matching the texture. For that reason, most patches are obvious or are hidden by a strategically placed picture.

Previously it took an experienced drywall contractor to make a texture match. No more. Wall texture now is available in a spray can that offers do-it-yourselfer professional results. The secret to a successful patch is simple.

When filling a hole with spackle, dip the putty knife in water to prevent the spackle from sticking to the knife. Remove the excess spackle surrounding the hole with a damp sponge. A bit of spackle, a shot of texture and a touch of paint will leave your wall looking like new.

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