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Space-heater Smarts

By on January 3, 2014

A portable electric space heater can be an effective energy-reducing cost-beater

“Happy Days” made its TV debut in 1974. In one episode, to offset the cold days of a Milwaukee winter, Richie, Potsie and Ralph plugged in a portable electric heater. Various mistakes and oversights put them all at risk: Ralph had purchased the heater at a discount store, and failed to notice that it had no automatic shut-off switch. Nor did it have a safety seal of approval from an independent testing laboratory. Also, the boys didn’t give their space heater enough space – setting it too close to the wall and drapes.

Further, they left it running all night, and during the day when they were in school. The family dog, alas, tipped it over, knocking it closer yet to the wall and drapes. And, as it did not shut off automatically and continued to blast heat, the drapes, wall and carpeting soon overheated and started to smolder. Hero Fonzie discovered it and saved the day. “Whoa,” he said,” you almost had a very unhappy day.”

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