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Space: The Final (Kitchen) Frontier

By on April 22, 2014

America made its first successful launch into space in 1958 — space, the final frontier. With Explorer One in orbit, a new era began. Today, space still is the quest, and it’s also the trend for kitchen accessories in any year.

High on homeowner’s must-have lists are backsplash storage units and surface systems with off-counter shelving, multiple bars for hanging tools and towels, ingenious kitchen cabinet pull-outs and roll-out racks that make everything reachable. Even built-in seats that slide out when and where needed. Today’s Golden Rule? — “Make every square inch count.”

Storage itself has a new look too. Mostly consumers want things to disappear. For those items that do remain in sight, chrome wire and other metals rapidly are replacing plastics on America’s countertops. Some other hot new kitchen accessories? Built-in floor warming systems and multiple dimmer switches that turn bright into night and make any space more beautiful and inviting.

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