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Solder-Rivet-Seal Valley Flashing

By on March 26, 2014
solder sheet metal gutters to fix leaks


Recently the valley between my house and garage roof leaked. It is galvanized and less than two years old. A seam that was soldered has come apart. Do you recommend re-soldering, or should I seal it with a quality silicone seal?



Don’t silicone! Re-soldering is definitely in order, but with an extra ounce of prevention. Metal has a tendency to expand and contract with changes in weather conditions. Thoroughly clean the area down to bare metal. Drill 1/8-inch diameter holes every six inches along the seam where the pieces overlap each other. Purchase a pop-rivet kit from your local hardware store (about $15) and install a pop-rivet in each hole. Finally, re-solder along the old seam and at each pop-rivet. Remember: Rust, paint, oil and other debris will prevent a proper connection. The key here is to use a torch-heated soldering iron. Heat from direct flame could be dangerous.

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