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Show Notes: Tempting Tile and Very Cool Tools

By on April 25, 2015
Emser Tile's Unique Epic

Tile has gone from blah to brilliant! James and Morris have some very cool tools to share with listeners that are will  help find hidden problems and a avoid a health risks.

Thank you to our special guest, Lenny  Sciarrino with Granite Gold, makers of fine  stone care products.

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The Potty Piano – By Big Mouth Toys
Add a tinkle of humor to your bathroom decor with our positively pooposterous Potty Piano!

That’s right, put that phone down!  No need to surf the web or text to kill time while you’re dropping the kids off at the pool.  Now you can sort of live out your Big FAO Schwarz moment while passing the time, as you attempt to pass last night’s dinner!

Tap out a tune while you poo.  You may uncover a hidden talent for composing while on the commode!  You never know… your Unaccompanied Toot Suite No. 2. may soon be in the making.

Includes song book if your creative flow is feeling a bit constipated.

11.5 inches tall x 1 inch deep x 13 inches wide.  Piano fits around the base of the toilet.  Includes song book.  Ready to use.


America Has More Self-Storage Facilities than McDonalds

Turns out the only thing Americans may love more than Big Macs is hoarding.
There are more self-storage facilities in America than there are McDonald’s restaurants, according to a recent report from the commercial real estate publication REJournals. There were 48,500 self-storage facilities in America at the end of 2014, Curbed points out, compared to a mere 14,350 McDonald’s restaurants.
(For the record, there were just 11,962 Starbucks coffee shops in 2014, making the number of self-storage spots larger than McDonald’s and Starbucks locations combined.)
It’s no surprise, if you think about it. Americans are documented on television for their hoarding tendencies, and sleek new self-storage startups are only making it easier to squirrel away our belongings. But what’s astonishing is the sheer amount of space devoted to self storage: There’s an average of 21 feet of self-storage space available for every American household, the Self Storage Association reports.
You’ve got to wonder if all that stuff could just fit in the garage. In fact, 65 percent of Americans who rent a storage unit have a garage, but they rent one anyway.



Is your laminate flooring emitting unsafe levels of formaldehyde?   General Tools new Formaldehyde Meter has the answer.

Recent News about One Company’s Flooring Stirs Consumer Unease


(New York, NY) On March 1, the CBS News Program 60 Minutes featured a segment on Lumber Liquidators’ Chinese-made laminate flooring. Tests revealed the products emit unsafe levels of formaldehyde—a compound found in the adhesives that bind wood fibers together in the core boards of engineered flooring. At high levels, formaldehyde can cause cancer. Even at low levels, it can induce respiratory problems and irritate the eyes, nose and throat.

With hundreds of thousands of U.S. homes estimated to contain this type of flooring, the health hazard potential is huge.

The new handheld Formaldehyde Meter (FD08) from General Tools & Instruments (General®) is the perfect tool for determining whether flooring, carpeting, drapes, wall board or other furnishings installed in a consumer’s home or a business office emits an unsafe level of formaldehyde. It is also suitable for measuring workplace levels of the toxic gas in manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

The FD08 is an invaluable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) measurement tool for home and commercial contractors, remodelers and home inspectors. It is also highly useful to plant managers and operators, and plant safety and environmental health personnel in manufacturing facilities where formaldehyde is used in resins and bindings, or as a process chemical.

General’s Formaldehyde Meter has a range of 0 to 5ppm and a resolution of 0.01ppm. With an accuracy of +/-(5%+0.03ppm), it meets the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) acceptance criterion for accuracy. The unit has an operating range of 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C) and also measures temperature and relative humidity. Readings are displayed on a 2 in. (51mm) LCD.

The device tracks, calculates and displays three cumulative formaldehyde gas metrics: 8-hour TWA (Time-Weighted Average), 1-hour average, and 15-minute STEL (Short-Term Exposure Limit).

With the potential health risk posed by formaldehyde in flooring and other construction materials, as well as in furnishings, the General FD08 is an instrument that no contractor, home inspector or plant safety manager should be without.

The new Formaldehyde Meter (FD08) is in stock and available for purchase. Visit


Tile Temptations

Kitchens, floors, walls and bathrooms have gone from blah to brilliant with all the new tile colors, materials and shapes available today. Tile is the designers new “statement” and has a new place in residential design, it’s the star!

Tile is not only functional, but also beautiful. You can use it to create or enhance a color scheme or an overall design.

If you are looking for industrial sleek how about metal or stainless steel tiles. Try large sheets of color coated tempered glass. Something new on the market is a porcelain wall tile with texture. If you can dream it, tile manufacturers can make it.

Porcelain tile is being made to look like wood, and natural stone that will fool your eyes. This material can stand up to all kinds of use and abuse. I prefer color through porcelain to the historic ceramic tile our parents used.

If you are looking for sparkle, go for the glass, tile that is. The glass colors not only have richness, texture, depth and shine, but a wonderful reflective quality that plays with light.

Let’s not forget the stone tiles. They are available in so many sizes and the mixed stone mosaics are a brilliant finishing touch.You can find decorative borders, murals, field tile and medallions along with trim pieces that will rival wood molding in size and style. Stone patterns can be crafted in a polished, honed, tumbled or treated finish to create one of a kind look.

If you are looking for a stone tile that is not only interesting, but also beautifully intricate and unique, look at water-jet patterns that reflect light and shadow. The precision stone cutting allows for the marrying of stone with glass, metal or with other natural stones. This is the WOW tile in my book!


Five Tips on Caring for Stone Patios and Walkways

The warmer, spring weather is gradually starting to take hold, and those areas hit hard with snow this winter are finally starting to see the last remnants of the white stuff melt away.

Time to break out the work gloves and garden tools to get the outdoor landscapes in tip-top shape.

For stone patios and walkways, whether they’re made of limestone, travertine or slate, be sure to give them as much care as you do for your granite or other natural stone counters and floors.

When moving outdoor furniture, lift instead of sliding, which can scratch and damage stone
time of year it’s best to start off by looking for and removing stains. Fortunately, most outdoor stains are organic caused by fallen leaves and other debris, and they’re relatively easy to remove. Here’s how: Mix baking soda and acetone to the consistency of pancake batter; apply the poultice directly over the stain; let it sit overnight, then lift it off the stain. You should notice an immediate improvement, and it may require a couple attempts. If the stain is too deep, you may need to call a restoration specialist. Following either scenario, you should immediately re-seal the stone.

Rust stains, however, pose a bit of a challenge. Most rust stains have to be removed by a professional. Pour or spray 3 percent or 4 percent hydrogen peroxide on the stained area and agitated with a safe-on-stone scrubbing pad or nylon brush (also safe on stone) and allow to sit for 24 hours, then rinse with water and immediately reseal the stone.

Here are five important tips on caring for outdoor stone:

Frequently sealing your outdoor stone surfaces will provide maximum surface protection against spills, stains and etching.

When moving outdoor furniture, lift instead of sliding, which can scratch and damage stone
Use a nylon brush when cleaning to agitate dirt and grime. Most other brushes are too abrasive on stone.

Immediately remove fallen debris such as leaves, flowers and other plants from stone surfaces. They’ll deteriorate and can stain the surfaces.

Use Granite Gold Outdoor Stone Cleaner®, which is a non-acidic formula developed to specifically clean outdoor natural-stone surfaces such as limestone, travertine and slate.

Lastly, many outdoor stone surfaces are made of concrete, a mandmade surface that typically needs an acid-based formulate for effective cleaning. You can find acidic-based cleaners and stain removers at most hardware stores, but be sure to keep them clear of any natural stone surface.

See more at:


Very Cool  Tool Review II

Seek Thermal  Camera

With its wide field of view, the original Seek Thermal camera is perfect for use indoors and around the house.
This camera allows:
Contractors to see water damage, air leaks, missing insulation, and other energy inefficiencies
Home owners and DIYers to conduct a home energy audit to help save on their energy bill
Plumbers to detect water leaks and clogs
Electricians to identify electrical shorts, loose wiring, and other safety hazards
Pet owners to locate lost pets at night or in obscured visibility conditions

DIY and Home Use
The Seek camera delivers the power of professional thermal imaging for a fraction of the price. With this camera homeowners can:
Trace water damage up a wall or across a ceiling to its source
Discover energy inefficiencies such as missing insulation and air leaks around windows and doors
Identify the location of clogs in pipes
Detect electrical shorts, loose wiring, and other safety hazards
Confirm even tire wear on vehicles
Measure the heat distribution across the BBQ grill and the level of propane left in the tank

At Work
A trusted tool for the professional. The original Seek camera allows:
Contractors to find water damage, air leaks, missing insulation and other inefficiencies
Plumbers to detect water leaks and clogs
Electricians to identify electrical shorts, loose wiring and other safety hazards
HVAC professionals to assess areas of poor performance and check equipment status
Home Inspectors to identify and document potential issues with a house before purchase
Insurance Adjustors to thoroughly investigate losses and damage

Let the Seek camera open a world beyond what you can see with your eyes. With the Seek camera:
Hunters can track game, scout terrain, and follow blood trails
Hikers and campers can navigate in the darkness and scan around a campsite for animals
Campers will be sure the campfire is completely out
Boaters can detect objects on the water at night
Pet owners can find pets at night or scan the backyard to make sure it is safe for their pets – For ios and android platforms


Did You Know?

Ants will not cross a chalk line?

Do you have fire ants? Pour half a cup of Epsom salts into the nest and all around it.


Website Mentions:

Organic Fire Ant Control Methods:

Liquid Fence Snake Repellent:

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