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Show Notes: Stone Care Tips and More

By on February 7, 2015

Has bad weather got you housebound and board? Today Morris and James share  some simple home improvement tasks to tackle now that football season is over.

We missed  Mr. Lenny Sciarrino with Granite Gold today due to an unforeseen emergency. We will let you know when Lenny will be joining us to answer your  questions on stone care. For more stone care information visit Granite Gold at


Are You Making Yourself Sick?

Clean Your Humidifiers

Using a humidifier helps prevent congestion in the winter and alleviates the symptoms of psoriasis, but it can also do serious damage (like give you the flu or another serious lung infection) if you’re not cleaning it regularly and the right way. Instead of just changing the water every so often, the Mayo Clinic advises changing the water in the tank daily, cleaning your humidifier every three days and making sure the surrounding area is dry. Make sure to deep clean your humidifier at least once a month by taking everything apart and scrubbing it with white vinegar.


Get Busy And Beat The Winter Blues I

Has bad weather got you housebound and board? Here are some simple home improvement tasks to tackle now that football season is over:

 First head for the bathrooms:

 Do you have GFCI outlets? If not, this is a great time to do a little upgrading that will make your home and family safer in a wet areas of your home.

While you are in the bathroom are there any loose towel bars or a toilet paper holder. A better drywall anchor is most likely in order. We suggest the plastic toggle. This particular one had never failed us. The built-in grips had only two positions – the compressed position and the spread position

The retainer arms of the fastener are squeezed together (compressed) to form an arrowhead shape that can be pushed or lightly driven into a pre-drilled hole. Note the words “pre” and “drilled”.

With the fastener in place a small pin (provided with the fastener) is pushed into and through the screw hole releasing the retainer arms and causing them to spread apart and lock against the inside surface of the wall. At the same time oversize head of the fastener locks against the outside surface of the wall.


Get Busy And Beat The Winter Blues II

 You can paint and replace the towels to make the bathroom look beautiful, but when was the last time you took look under the sink and behind your toilet? Do you see those nasty rusty shut off valves that you have to turn and turn to get the water shut off? Give them a turn, or are they so rusted they won’t move? It’s time to replace them with a new ¼ turn valves. The quarter turn valve is in essence a ball-joint valve and you can be darn sure that puppy isn’t going to fail. And while you are at it, replace the water supply lines with new braided stainless steel supply lines. There is nothing like new shiny parts that will last a good long time in your bathroom!


Groundhog Day 2015: Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow, predicts six more weeks of winter

The Spring Equinox is on Friday, March 20, 2015 Officially there are only 41 days until spring is here.What will you put on your Spring Fix It list?


Winter Window Cleaning

A corny approach to cleaning windows.

 Though temperatures may be dropping, windows still need to be cleaned. At normal temperatures, two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol mixed into 16 ounces of warm water definitely will do the trick. However, your window cleaner will need to be “souped up” to work well in cold climates. The secret formula we use when temperatures drop is easy to prepare. Just add a teaspoon of cornstarch. That’s right! When combined, two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, a teaspoon of cornstarch and 16 ounces of warm water make a super “winter window cleaner”.


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