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Show Notes: Resolutions for 2016?

By on January 2, 2016

What are your resolutions for 2016? Get your home back in shape? Loose weight? What if your could do both at the same time? Plan better for weather related problems? James and Morris are here to help clean up, fix-up and make sure you are ready for rough weather.

Thank you to our guests:

Jack McIntyre: Garage Doors Unlimited

Miles Proctor – R E Roofing & Construction


Is Your New Years Resolution is to Loose Weight?

We Have Ideas For You

Looking to trim a little of the old spare tire? Routine home maintenance and repair is a double win — you’ll burn calories while keeping your house in tip-top shape. Try these essential fix-ups and improvements from CalorieLab:

Building a fence: 340 calories per hour

Caulking windows and doors: 280 calories per hour

Painting inside: 238 calories per hour

Painting outside: 238 calories per hour

Cleaning rain gutters: 272 calories per hour

Installing ceramic tile: 238 calories per hour

Interior painting: 136 calories per hour

Chopping firewood: 340 calories per hour

Mowing the lawn: 306 calories per hour

Planting shrubs: 238 calories per hour

General gardening: 204 calories per hour


Recycle Christmas Tree Lights for Free 

Every year when setting up holiday decorations millions of people find old strands of lights that are dead, tangled or otherwise unusable. Instead of throwing them into the trash and ultimately a landfill, there is a more eco-friendly alternative. Send us your old, used, or burnt out strands of holiday lights and we will recycle them in an environmentally friendly manner for free. Send any quantity of any type of light strand – Icicle lights, Christmas Tree lights, blinking lights, LED lights, outdoor holiday light strands. We will happily recycle just 1 strand, or dozens.

How to do it:

Package up your lights into any shipping container they will fit in.

Send them to our recycling facility:

TRC Inc.
Holiday Light Recycling Program

6445 Crater Lake Highway

Medford, OR 97501



Holiday Re-Purpose Tips  

Club Soda

Use flat club soda to hydrate houseplants. It usually contains a phosphate, which promotes growth and root development, says Deb Donaldson, a blue-ribbon winner at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Fallen Needles and Branches from the Christmas Tree

Repurpose needles as mulch and in temperate areas, cover delicate outdoor plants with branches to protect from frost.


Winterized House Checklist

Creating a winterized house includes several smaller tasks that you can do yourself at the beginning of each heating season. Use our “winterized house checklist” to protect your investment and keep the cold outside where it belongs!

Close cut-off valves to and open all exterior faucets. For pipes prone to freezing, leave nearby faucet dripping on coldest nights. Bring in all outside hoses.

Be prepared with back-up heat sources such as firewood or space heaters.

Don’t use kerosene heaters in an enclosed space.

Don’t heat up the car in the garage with the garage door closed.

Make sure your chimney damper is closed when not in use.

Make sure you have snowmelt and a snow shovel on hand.

Check that all storm windows and windows are closed and latched.

Make sure that attic insulation does not cover eave or soffit vents.

Close curtains at night to help insulate windows.

Minimize use of kitchen and bath exhaust fans.


New Years Washing Machine Maintenance

Defusing a Washing Machine Water Damage Time Bomb

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly washed clothes? How about wet and moldy flooring? No? Well, a burst water supply line causes half of all water damage incidents involving washing machines1. And on average, each incident caused more than $5,000 in damages…and plenty of smelly, moldy carpeting.

So what are the keys to keeping your washing machine from flooding?

Keep it level and replace your hoses.

Washing machines can vibrate and do a little “walking” if they’re overloaded, unbalanced or not on a level surface. Over time, this can cause cracks and loosen water hoses, causing a little dripping on the floor or even a full out flood. So make sure your washing machine is leveled, and try running smaller loads of laundry to keep it in its place.

It’s also a good rule of thumb to change out your machine’s rubber water hoses every 5 years or so. Old hoses can tear and spray, so you want to swap them out before they cause any water damage.

Replacing your water hoses is pretty easy, even if you’re not much of a do-it-yourselfer. Just:

Unplug your washing machine.

Turn off the water supply.

Unscrew the old hoses from the back of the machine and the water supply.

Screw in the new ones. (consider using stainless steel hoses, since they’re stronger and last longer)

Turn on the water supply and plug the machine back in.

It should only take a few minutes, and it’s definitely easier, and less costly than dealing with water damage!


Make A Home Inventory This Year, It’s Easy

Do you know what you have or how much it’s worth?  

Before fancy technology came along, home inventories were just folders, packed with sheets of paper, receipts, and pictures. Thankfully, we don’t live in that primitive world anymore.

The latest home inventory apps, like those built by the Insurance Information Institute and others, turn all that paperwork into a clean, organized, digital workspace. This makes it easy to keep a running list of your possessions and manage and edit your inventory whenever you like, right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You can:

  • Build your home in a digital app, adding rooms and labeling them
  • Populate each room with a list of your stuff (advanced apps even incorporate barcode scanners, to add items even faster)
  • Take and add pictures for easy visual reference
  • Add valuable details, like price, purchase date, serial number, and description, for each item
  • Scan receipts and documents for more detail
  • Upload warranty information, so you know if a damaged or destroyed item is under warranty
  • Sort items by room, name, description, purchase date, value, etc.
  • Quickly total your personal possession value, for a better view of your coverage needs
  • Spot under-insured items, like valuables, jewelry, and antiques.
  • Store, backup, and password protect your inventory for full peace of mind

A home inventory is an incredibly helpful thing to have and maintain over the years. A comprehensive list of your belongings and their values can:

  1. Help you determine appropriate insurance coverage limits
  2. Speed up the claims process
  3. Help verify losses to your income tax return

Whether or not you use any of these helpful apps, it’s important to take a home inventory, whatever way works for you.

Know Your Stuff App: III Inventory (iTunes App)

Adding information to your inventory is easier than ever with our new iPhone and Android apps and its free.

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