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Show Notes: Pillow Day and Luxury Vinyl Tile

By on April 7, 2018
International Pillow Day

 It’s International Pillow Day!

What’s your favorite kind of pillow? How old is your pillow?

Do you ever wash your pillows? AARP put out a good article (click here to read it) about how to get your bed pillow bright and clean!

(Washing twice a year is recommended by Martha Stewart)

 And By The Way; It’s also National No Housework Day!

Do whatever you want that DOESN’T involve housework. No washing dishes, no folding laundry, no even putting laundry away! Just let it all go. Instead, pour yourself a glass of wine (or just drink from the bottle if none are clean, NO HOUSEWORK) and give yourself a day of leisure.


Look Out! Hidden Home Sale Costs Will Cost You!

These expenses associated with property sales are common, yet often overlooked. Don’t let them catch you by surprise.

You stand to make a pretty penny selling a home these days. The median price for existing homes reached $241,700 in February, marking 72 consecutive months of year-over-year price increases, says the National Association of Realtors.

Just don’t expect to keep all the money when you unload your home. Selling costs will eat up a big chunk of it — $18,342, on average, according a recent analysis from Zillow.

Learn more here!



Phantom Power 

What appliances draw the most phantom load you ask? Any appliance with remote control capabilities and any appliance that is considered “smart”. These appliances use a constant draw of energy to remain “remote control” ready and to remain connected to the internet.


Learn more by going here!


carey bros pros

Have you told your favorite contractor about our podcast?   CareyBrosPros is a weekly podcast dedicated to professionals in the construction industry.

To hear our conversation with Dan Dunmoyer  or to find other podcasts on a variety of topics … check out our podcast page at


Your Dream Bathroom


 bathroom window

Marilyn: I am remodeling my very small bathroom which will include replacing a sliding window.

How can I make the window look not so plain but still keep my privacy?


Head over to our Your Dream Bathroom site to listen to how we helped Marilyn!





Tip to Keep Your Home Safe From Break-Ins During Your Travels or Anytime

According to Ooma (—a leading DIY home phone and security company—there are 6 basic inexpensive steps homeowners can take to deter and react to break-ins.

To learn the 6 Easy Steps, head over to the full article!


Shopping For a New Flooring Option?

If it’s time to replace a worn out linoleum floor and you are in a quandary after visiting flooring show rooms.

We have some flooring facts for you about Luxury Vinyl Tile or “LVT” at the full article here!


 Recall: KIDDE Dual Sensor Smoke Alarms

As you may know, smoke alarms are often sold with dual sensing technology. The photoelectric sensor is responsible for sensing smoldering fires, whereas, the ionization sensor picks up flaming fires. Well, the KIDDE Dual Sensor Smoke Alarm, models PI2010 and PI9010, doesn’t sense either!

Learn more at the recall page here.


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