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Show Notes: LVT Flooring, BBQs and Mom’s

By on May 2, 2015
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Are you looking for new flooring for your home or a Mother’s Day gift for Mom? James and Morris have great ideas for you. And… It’s time to give your barbecue a good spring cleaning, we’ll tell you how!


Thank you to our special guest, Tiffany Koepske, inventor of  Tiffany’s Tool Kits


New Bike Washing Machine Lets You Work Out While You Wash

Students at the Dalian Nationalities University in China have designed a bike washing machine that will wash your clothes while you pedal. The invention is aptly called “Bike Washing Machine” or “BiWa,” and it aims to “bring health and convenience to our life” by combining a stationary bike and a washing machine.

According to a description on Tuvie provided by the students who designed the bike, the way it works is quite simple: “When you ride this bike, the pedaling motion causes the drum of the washing machine to rotate; at the same time, superfluous electricity is generated which can be used to power the display screen or [be] stored for future use.”

Considering the small size of the washing machine, it would undoubtedly take multiple spin cycles to complete your laundry. Much like the Drumi, a pint-sized washing machine that can fit almost anywhere, both inventions will probably not completely replace a laundry machine or a trip to the laundromat.
The concept isn’t new, as other designers have tried their hand at designing similar machines. However, none have made it successfully to market, so it will be interesting to see if the “BiWa” becomes successful. Until then, we’ll continue to work around both our laundry spin cycle and our spin class schedule



New Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Can you have the look, graining, and character of real hardwood in vinyl tile flooring?  Flooring manufacturers are able to create amazing vinyl “wood” planks and textured “stone” tiles that rival the real thing right down to the knots in the wood with luxury vinyl flooring.

Luxury vinyl flooring satisfies green building standards.

Easy to care for: a simple damp mopping is the recommended cleaning procedure for luxury vinyl floors.

Specialized wear layers are coated with urethane to enhance durability for lot’s of wear and tear by a busy family. It’s also an ideal material for home with pets.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring was developed for commercial use but, now it’s being featured for residential use. Warranties vary by manufacturer are very good.

Many of the luxury vinyl tile designs can be installed with grout or without grout, for a true stone or ceramic tile appearance.

Prices will range from around $2.00 to $4.00 per square foot. They can range up to $7.00 per square foot. For ordinary vinyl flooring, prices can be as low as $0.30 to $1.00 per square foot. When you get into the higher prices, almost by definition you are now looking at luxury vinyl tile or planks. Do yourself a favor and invest in the better flooring, you will not be sorry!


Spring Cleaning For Your Barbeque

Most barbecue manufacturers recommend that your BBQ be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year. This is on top of your usual cleaning after every use.

For gas barbecues, use compressed air to remove spider webs from burner assemblies.

Remove the grates and wash with hot soapy water OR cleaning grates is a breeze with a good pressure washer.
Wipe down the connections, lines and lid (inside and out) with hot soapy water.

Remove old or dirty lava rocks and replace with new ones.
Check the burner. If it looks good visually, light the BBQ and make sure it is supplying an even flame. If not, then replace it. Most burners only last about 2 seasons, depending on how often you use your BBQ.

While the grates and lava rocks are out, clean up any grease or ash that may have accumulated on the bottom of the barbecue.
Clean the Venturi tubes that supply gas to the burner. Bugs, dirt and grease can clog them over the winter and prevent full gas supply from coming through. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended cleaning technique for your grill.

Getting rid of rust is important. Rust can be quickly whittled down to size using a wire brush and rust solvent. Use a can of spray paint to spot-prime where rust has been removed. Be sure to use a heat-resistant metal paint.

Check your cleaning brush, BBQ mitts and utensils. If any are worn or dirty, replace with new tools.

Another Way To Clean Your Barbecue Grates 

Its quite simple actually, place your BBQ grill on the top rack in your oven, place a cookie sheet or foil on the rack below your BBQ grill to catch any of the yucky stuff that might fall through. Set your oven to 500 degrees and let it “cook itself clean” for one hour. Let it cool off before handling. Here is the trade off from the ammonia method –instead of the strong odor of ammonia; you might get a smoky kitchen. You can avoid most of the smoke by opening a few windows and turning the fan on over your stove.
Once your grill has cooled, you will notice it looks very similar to the way it looked before you put it in. Don’t be fooled. What was crusted on gook has now become ash, and most of it can easily be brushed off.  After you brush off the ash, give your grill a quick wash off with some dish detergent and hot water.



Here are our suggestions:
Home Improvement Mothers Day Gift Ideas:
Closet Organization System
Kitchen Cabinet Accessories
Paint Her Favorite Room
Wash The House Windows
A Special Rose Bush



Interior of our Tiffany’s Tool case is two tiered and contains:
Measuring Tape
Utility Knife
Wire Cutters
Interchangeable Dual Head Screwdriver
There is also a placeholder in the lid for maintenance cards, etc.


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Bird Barrier:

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