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Show Notes: Hot Appliances and Cool LED Tape

By on October 29, 2016

 What’s new and hot in kitchen appliances? How about giving LED tape lighting a try in your kitchen or bath? 


Thank you to our guest and winner of the Chicago Innovation Award:

Michael Schuster, Danco Senior VP New Product Development and Innovation


Can Remodeling Spook Sleeping Ghosts?

What prompts this supernatural silliness? It may be a recent home improvement project.

“When you remodel, you change the restful spirits’ environment, and it may not be comfortable with the outcome,” according to David’s Ghost Hunting Blog, which collects ghost stories. “Some may bother you just to let you know, ‘Hey! You may have changed the house, but I’m still here!”

  1. After a major kitchen remodel, a Virginia home owner believes a ghost repeatedly locks her son in the basement, even after she has removed all keys from sight.
  1. Soon after a young couple bumped out the front of their house, an otherwise friendly ghost began making trouble. The ghost stole tools, pulled down drywall, and pushed workers.
  1. Through the years, claims have surfaced that the White House is haunted. Mysterytopia has pictures of a 1950 remodeling that shows, if you look hard enough, an apparition supposedly standing in the middle of the renovation.
  1. The moment a South Dakota woman walked into her 1910 home, she felt that the kitchen was backwards, even though she’d never been in the house before. When the real estate agent confirmed that during a previous kitchen remodel, the configuration had indeed been reversed, the new home owner wondered if she had been receiving messages from another world.
  1. Soon after remodeling began on the historic Felt Mansion in Holland, Mich., shadowy figures appeared and doors opened and closed themselves. Click on this video and decide for yourself if the mansion is haunted.


Hot Trends In Kitchen Appliances

What’s cooking in the kitchen these days? Plenty, from new twists on design to super-smart technology. 

French Door Wall Ovens are stylish, but they’re also a great choice in limited spaces because you don’t have to allow room for a conventional door to fold down in front. 

Touch-and-Swipe Controls

Induction cooking, which heats via electromagnetic field instead of through radiant heat, is all the rage because it’s speedy and allows you masterful control over simmering

White is back — but it doesn’t mean you have to revisit the 1980s (whew). The modern take on white appliances is all about high-tech surfaces and innovative design touches.

Steam Ovens cook food much faster than conventional ovens do and help food retain its nutrients and flavor.

Retro Design

Vintage styles are making a big comeback. You can buy Retro fridges, ranges, microwaves and dishwashers in eight standard colors: Beach Blue, Pink Lemonade, Cherry Red, Buttercup Yellow, Jadite Green, Black, White and Orange.

Countertop Beer Brewing

For the small sacrifice of 20.5 inches of countertop width, you can turn your kitchen into your own custom microbrewery.

Synched Appliances

Bluetooth technology is revolutionizing the way we use kitchen appliances. Synchronize cooking times for the microwave, range and oven so that main dishes and sides all arrive at the finish line simultaneously — and perfectly cooked.

Chewable Ice machine : make soft, chewable nugget ice at home just like you find in restaurants and at fast-food chains.


Keeping Out The Sun

Shutting your shades on winter days might seem smart. More insulation from the chilly weather, right? Your energy bill disagrees. A sunny window can warm your home and lower your heating costs. And as a bonus, you could see a decrease in seasonal depression.

But your original idea wasn’t totally wrong. Closing those blinds at night can keep your home toasty.


What’s New? Led Tape Lighting

LED tape is a flexible circuit board with attached LED chips that can be cut to size. The chips are dots of light spaced approximately every 5/8 inch; they come in different levels of brightness. The strips have a self-adhesive backing, making them easy to install almost anywhere.

Ultrabright flexible strips are perfect for under cabinets, in offices and in other areas requiring a great amount of light.

Superbright is the middle range of brightness and works great in spaces that need some light but not too much.

Normal bright is perfect for accent lighting, such as for above cabinets, inside cabinets, in coves and around toe kicks, and for lighting art and more.

White-light LED tape placed under the counter and cabinet in a kitchen creates a glowing silhouette.

When considering tape for kitchen and bathroom applications, it’s a good idea to go with coated tape. It is more durable where chips are exposed to heat, moisture and food spills. Noncoated tape works best in areas such as inside cabinets where the chips aren’t exposed to damaging elements.

The cost of a decent-quality LED tape is about $8 to $10 per foot plus the cost of a driver to power it, which starts at $150.


Last Minute Halloween Decoration

Glowing ‘Spooky Eyes’

Cut some spooky eyes into empty toilet paper rolls, insert the glow sticks and cover ends with duct tape. Hide them in a dark corner or outside in a hedge to add a creepy and spooky effect for your Halloween!


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