Show Notes: Are you garden tools ready for spring? (3/8/14) – On the House

Show Notes: Are you garden tools ready for spring? (3/8/14)

By on March 8, 2014


The sun is shining and the weather is warming. James and Morris are the backyard this morning getting the garden tools tuned up for spring gardening. Are you planning a backyard redo? Here are some trends you might like to use in your yard.

2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey

Daylight savings time is here, that means spring is not far away. Have you been dreaming about a picture perfect yard? The 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects shows continuing popularity for both sustainable and low-maintenance design.

Gardens, landscaped spaces, followed by kitchens, and entertainment spaces  the top two elements, followed by pools, spas and tennis courts. Vegetable gardens are very popular with landscape designers, incorporating sunny spaces for kitchen gardens into their designs. The always-popular terraces, patios and decks still top the list. Pergolas and water features are adding shade and serenity to landscape features. 

Lighting is the high on the wish list. It not only adds interest but also safety to any backyard. If you love to use your backyard entertaining area on a chilly night, consider a fire pit or fireplace. How about an outdoor television for popcorn and movies under the stars? The possibilities are endless.

Get Your Power Tools Ready For Spring

Before you can tackle that spring checklist, your yard tools and outdoor power equipment need to be readied. Lawn Mower Tune-Up The Oklahoma State University Cooperative extension office states, “A mower tune-up will extend your mower’s life and will reduce polluting emissions by up to fifty percent.” A basic lawn mower tune-up includes changing the oil, the oil filter and spark plug, as well as sharpening the mower blades. Remember, dull blades will tear the grass, not cut it, leaving your grassy shaggy and disheveled looking. If you stored your lawn mower for the winter without cleaning the mowing deck, now is the time to clean it. Never clean the mowing deck, however, when the machine is running. Lawnmower tune-ups should be performed on both push mowers and riding mowers. Trimmer Prep Trimmers will need new trimmer line. Other trimmer accessories you may need are replacement batteries. Hedge trimmers may need battery replacements as well

Sharpen And Clean All Your Garden Equipment

Spring lawn care begins with cleaning rakes, hoes, spades, loppers and shears. Lawn and garden tools stored for winter without cleaning can be less than functional come spring. Wipe all tools down with soap and water. A stiff brush can be used to clean stubborn, caked-on debris. Be sure to dry the tools thoroughly. Clean loppers and shears/pruners with rubbing alcohol. If the handles of your lawn tools are wooden, check for cracks and splinters. The wooden handles may need to be sanded and smoothed in order to prevent splintering throughout the spring and summer growing season. A fresh coat of paint to seal the wood can help as well. Choose a bright color such as red or yellow-bright colored handles are easier to see lying in the grass.

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