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Show Notes: Garage Sale Tips and More

By on July 23, 2016

Summertime is fun time. We have some ideas to help you warm up your patio or deck on a cool evening. Thinking about having a garage sale? Make your’s easy to manage with a few simple tips. And, to top off your next barbeque try a delicious B&T salad.


This Poop Emoji Plunger Is The Newest Way To Unclog A Toilet 

It’s an emoji’s world, and we’re all just living in it.

There are plenty of emoji-based products out there, from nail decals to pillows to cookie cutters. But there’s possibly no better natural fit than this poop emoji plunger, a creation designed to make you smile as you plunge.

Just think about what those eyes have seen.

The aptly named Poo-Plunger started as a joke between friends.

“I have to admit, the poo emoji is probably one of my favorite ones, and most-used emojis of all,” creator Carl Hickerson said in a video. After noticing the resemblance between the poop emoji and a plunger, Hickerson, friend AJ Ramadan and engineer Casey Fordyce brought the appliance to life through The Plunger Project.

The Plunger Project is currently raising money for production of its Poo-Plunger on Kickstarter. At the time this story was published, $45,000 still needs to be raised in the next 21 days to hit the $50,000 goal. Once the plungers are produced, a portion of each sale will go toward clean water and sanitation efforts around the world. Poo-Plungers will retail for $29.99.                                            


How To Hang Art Like A Pro:

Here’s the perfect height for your pictures

You finally scored that sweet print you’ve been pining after and it’s time to get it prepped and up on your wall. But how high or low should it go? Thankfully, there’s a rule for that.

According to the authors of How to Hang a Picture, and Other Essential Lessons for the Stylish Home, the exact center of your art should be hung at 57 inches from the floor.

“Fifty-seven inches, give or take an inch or two, is about the average sightline for a human being,” says the book’s co-author Jay Sacher. “When planning the design of a blank wall, it’s the perfect place to begin—creating an anchor for the viewer’s sight.”


10 Tips For Having A Killer Garage Sale 

A quick way to make a nice chunk of cash

There are 165,000 garage sales taking place on any given week in the U.S., according to research by the Statistic Brain Research Institute. If you have anything of value, a yard sale is a quick way to make a nice chunk of cash.

  1. Plan Ahead

Stand out from the competition by starting your sale on Friday, rather than Saturday morning. And be aware that people will show up at 7 a.m. even if the advertised start time is two hours later.

  1. Prepare your space

Mow the lawn, weed the flower beds and smooth any uneven surfaces that could be a potential problem for customers. The last thing you want is for guests to take a tumble.

If you park on the street, move your car to make room for customers.

  1. Simplify pricing

Adopt a simplified pricing structure so you won’t have to make a lot of changes. Group items of the same price together and clearly display the price.

You can use a color code, or put a sticker with the price on each item. Or make a sign: “Each item on this table goes for $1.”

  1. Make it easy to shop

Group similar items to make it easier for customers to navigate the sale. Also, keep items off the ground. Hang up clothes. Offer an outlet for customers to test electrical items.

Be sure to start the sale with plenty of small bills and change.

Make sure you know the real value of your stuff. We’ve all heard stories about people who paid very little for something the seller didn’t realize was worth a lot more.

  1. Advertise — and do it right

Aim for consistency and use bright colors with a minimal amount of words on your neighborhood signs. Your signs should also include clear instructions on how to get to the sale and a phone number in case customers need to contact you.

  1. Don’t go it alone

You can’t run a yard sale by yourself. At the minimum, you need someone around for when you take a potty break.

If you have a good relationship with the neighbors, ask them to help out and also display their items at your sale. Provide them with cold drinks and snacks.


Patio Heating Ideas

Easy ideas for warming up the patio or deck on a cool summer night

Patio heaters and fire sources are becoming more and more popular in backyards these days. There are so many options, it’s hard to know what to choose among the many options available.                                            

Fire Pit

Because of their portability, low cost, and ease of use, fire pits have become the most popular type of outdoor fire feature. Traditionally designed low to the ground, they can be built or bought in any shape or size and in a variety of materials. Wood-burning types are popular, but fire pits that are fueled by propane or gas are a greener choice and better for air quality. Some regions ban burning wood.

Outdoor Fireplace  

Not only does is a fireplace a focal point for a backyard or garden, it creates a sense of permanence. Add some outdoor seating and a low table, and the space becomes a true outdoor room. Whether you opt to have one custom built, make it a do-it-yourself project, or buy a prefab unit, time and research will give you the best results.

Materials can range from brick, stone, concrete, or metal, while fuel can be gas or wood.


A chimenea (also chiminea) is an inexpensive fire feature made of clay or metal. Make sure it is sturdy (not tippy), and that it has a spark screen. Chimney extensions will help vent the smoke if you want to place your chimenea on a patio or porch.

Heat or Patio Lamps

Portable patio heaters are tall, don’t take up much room, and are usually fueled by propane. You’ve probably been warmed by one on the patio of a restaurant. One can heat up an area of 15 to 25 square feet.


Easy Oven Cleaning

A no sweat summer cleaning tip

Pour half a cup of ammonia in a bowl, and let it sit in the oven overnight. Voilà! Crusty food falls away, and all you have to do is wipe down.


Best Side Dish For National Grilling Month

How can you go wrong with fresh summer tomatoes and bacon

Bacon and Tomato Salad


3 pounds tomatoes, cut into 1/2-inch pieces

12 basil leaves, torn

1 small red onion, coarsely chopped

1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons sherry vinegar

Salt and freshly ground pepper

3/4 pound sliced bacon

1/2 cup mayonnaise

1 1/2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

1/2 teaspoon curry powder

3/4 teaspoon Cajun spice mix

1 1/2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

1 small garlic clove, minced

Dash of hot sauce and crusty bread, for serving

How to make this recipe

Preheat the oven to 450°. In a bowl, toss the tomatoes, basil, onion, olive oil and vinegar and season with salt and pepper. Let stand for 15 minutes.

Set a wire rack on a baking sheet and arrange the bacon slices in a single layer on the rack. Bake the bacon in the upper third of the oven for 15 minutes, turning once, until golden and crisp-chewy. Let cool, then break into small pieces.

In a small bowl, whisk the mayonnaise with the mustard, curry powder, Cajun spice mix, lemon juice, garlic and hot sauce.

Sprinkle the bacon over the tomato salad

Serve the mayonnaise dressing and bread on the side



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