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Show Notes: Doors, March Maintenance and More

By on March 7, 2015

If new doors are on your To-Do list for spring, James and Morris were giving a class on  Doors 101. Learn how to select the best door for the different locations inside or outside of your home.


Thank your to our guest David MacLellan, author of  The Home Book and Residential Workmanship Standards A Complete Guide To Homeowner And Home Builder Responsibilities

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Pure  Potty Voodoo!

Pongtu, Toilet-Unclogging Plastic Wrap, Might Replace Your Plunger (VIDEO) It looks like there’s no way this could possibly work. In a video from South Korea, a toilet is clogged up with nasty brown water and plenty of toilet paper. But don’t grab a plunger — reach for the Pongtu. Pongtu looks like a big, yellow piece of plastic that fits right over the toilet and forms a seal. Once it’s in place, you do something that seems certain to lead to a huge and explosive mess. You flush the toilet. While the plastic sheet swells dangerously, it doesn’t burst. Instead, as it rises, you place your hand on the sheet and push back down. In the video, three pushes on the Pongtu sent the whole mess down the drain, clearing the clog in just under a minute.



 It’s Not Just A Door

Are you planning to replace your painted, worn out looking interior doors? Here is some information you can and will use!

What door construction should you select?

Hollow Core: These are the most common and affordabledoors.Hollow-core doors are constructed with wood grain or smooth panels that cover a hollow center. Hollow-core doors are much lighter weight and soundproofing.

Solid Core: Constructed of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which is essentially an engineered hardwood that is available in wood-grain or smooth finishes. This door affords great soundproofing and is our pick for best value for your money.

Solid Wood: This is a great upgrade. The weight of a solid wood door lends a high-end feel when open or shut it and offers the best soundproofing. Solid wood doors can be had in most any species of wood. If you plan to stain yourdoors this is the best choice.


Pre-hung or New frames:

Pre-hung doors are sized and cut to your existing door frames. If your door jambs and casings are beyond paint to make them look great then consider a new door and frame. It will require more installation and finishing.

Which door style fits you?

Panel: Panel doors offer lots of style to your home. Thedesign of the panel doors should suit your overall plan for your home, from contemporary to very sophisticated. Rails and stiles can be straight or curved to match your design taste.

Flush or Slab: Flush doors are just flat and smooth. No details, just plain and simple.

French doors: French doors are beautiful inside or for exterior doors.They will open up interior spaces while creating boundaries, visually and spatially. Use a clear glass French door when day lighting is important. Don’t be afraid to use a single French door in a bath or closet, but use a unique opaque glass to create privacy.

Pocket doors: Pocket doors are problem solvers. They are the perfect solution in spaces where a swinging door just won’t work. Installation requires wall space on one side of the door large enough to accommodate the door slide.

Old doors reinvented: Barn doors used to be for barns… no more.A simple track above the door holds the panels and allows them to slide open and closed.



Door Handing: Once you’ve chosen your door style and you are ready to order, you must know if it is a right or left swinging door. It is important to choose the handing, or swing and knob placement. Door handing is very easy, yet even professionals get confused. Follow these easy steps to determine the handing of your new door:

1. Stand at the INSIDE of the door with the exposed hinge barrels facing you, for interior doors, this is usually inside the room.

2. If the door opens to you and the knob is on the left hand side, it is a left hand door. If the door opens to you and the knob is on the right side, it is a right hand door.

3. For double doors: Pull the door towards you and indicate active door. For example, DOR (door on right active) indicates that the right door is active, while the left is stationary.

4. Once you have selected your door style, measure for the new doors. Most door suppliers will have a form for you to complete with easy to follow instructions.


Daylight Saving Time To Dos

Daylight saving time 2015 will begin on Sunday,march 8 at 2:00 a.m. that means it’s time to spring forward, moving the clocks an hour ahead and remember to do these two important things: Test your smoke detectors and change the batteries. Check your first-aid kit and replace any missing supplies and if you don’t have a first aid kit – get one!


Simple March Home Maintenance

Vacuum heating duct covers, returns and supply: make this a monthly must do to remove dust

Replace furnace filter

Clean dryer vent

Check the bathtub andshower caulking – double check the glass door frames for leaks too

Inspect your home for any signs of water intrusion or roof leaks

Check all faucets for dripping or leaky pipes


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