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Show Notes: Clean Kitchens and Water Conservation

By on March 24, 2018
under cabinet lighting

Bacteria-Killing Light For Your Kitchen

Cleaning is still an excellent way to rid your kitchen of bacteria, but this LED light takes germ-killing to the next level.


But now, there’s another tool to whip out of your germ-killing kit to take your defense system to the next level: The Ellumi LED Light.

To the naked eye, this under-the-cabinet light fixture looks like any other light you’d have in your home. But really, this magical light is working hard to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria and over 23 germs. Bonus: there is no UV light or chemicals, so your family members and pets are safe.

The light starts at $90.

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For Sale: Super-Fortified And Booby-Trapped Estate

The safest house in America might be a sprawling 36,000-square-foot compound outside Atlanta. And it’s a bargain at $14.7 million.

Built to last 1,000 years and to withstand every type of attack, the eight-bedroom, 15-bathroom house cost $30 million to construct and was reduced from its original list price of $17.5 million.

Maryland-based security expert Al Corbi, who has designed classified facilities for the U.S. government, came up with the safety design for the property. It includes a 15,000-square-foot, concrete-fortified bunker deep within the main building with multiple concealed entrances.

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Choosing The Right Paint

 Shopping for paint and getting a little confused by all the different types of paint names you are seeing? One company has 16 different paint names to select from.

choosing paint

 Here are the basics:

The type of paint you’ll use depends on how the room to be painted will be used and the type of finish you want.

Interior paint is specifically formulated to provide:

  • Scrubbability and stain resistance
  • Good hiding ability

Hiding power is the ability to hide the surface of an object. When applied too thin, a coating lacks sufficient hiding power. The hiding power of paint measures its ability to obscure a background of contrasting color.

  • Good coverage
  • Spatter resistance
  • Easy touch-up

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World Water Day

world water day In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 22 as the first World Water Day.

What do you do to conserve water?

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Seeing Clearly: Time To Clean Your Window Screens

clean window screensKeep the coughing to a minimum and June bugs at bay by cleaning your screens once a year. Dirty screens are a two-fold problem: they mess with air quality and are easily damaged. Rate the dirtiness of your screens on a scale from 1 to 4, with 4 being “it’s so dirty my view is ruined.” Then, choose your cleaning method!

Click here to learn more about removing the dirt and what to do about inescts!




Your Dream Bath


 your dream bath shave

We received a text from Richard from Hot Spring Arkansas:

I like to shave in the shower. My shower mirror is all water spotted and I can no longer see myself in it. Is there a shower mirror out there that doesn’t fog up?


Richard help is in view…….

Click here to listen to the Your Dream Bath segment!




How To Remove Old Caulk In 6 Easy Steps

 Before you can put a bead of nice, fresh caulk around your bathtub or window, you need to remove entirely the bad old stuff.

Click here to learn the 6 easy steps!



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