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Shiny Concrete – Expensive But Worth It

By on March 5, 2014
broom finished concrete


Q. I am building a studio with concrete floors. I want the floors to shine as the floors of the big-box stores do. How can this be achieved?



A. Good question Eric. Most of us have broom finished concrete in and around our home. Broom finished concrete is safer to walk on because of the slightly roughened surface, and during placement, when the concrete is still slightly wet, brooming removes trowel marks. A broom finish is less expensive than a smooth troweled concrete finish because a smooth finish requires several more troweling phases. A truly fine smooth finish is accomplished by the use of a tool that has rotating blades (looks like a floor buffer with decorative fan blades). Even if you could rent this tool we would recommend against using it because it takes a very special feel. By the way, a really good smooth finish is great for staining. Also, there are great finishes that can be applied to create a great shine.

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