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Sewage In Basement

By on January 26, 2014
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We just moved into a new home, and our basement has radiant heat in the floor. We’ve been having a bad sewage smell in the basement and I thought the heated floor might have melted the wax seal under the toilet, but it didn’t. We had the sewer system pressure-tested and it’s working fine. What could the smell be?



Though you checked the pressure of the sewer system inside your house, you probably didn’t check the sewer lateral that goes from the house out to the street. Because the basement is lower than this sewer, there could be a leak that is seeping back into the basement walls. Have the outside line checked for a leak that may be causing the odor. A sewage pump and other tools may be needed to address the issue so hiring a professional plumber is highly recommended. Also, if you don’t frequently use the sink or the shower in that area one or both of the p-traps could have dried out allowing sewer gas to escape back into the house.

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