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Several Questions About Residing a Home

By on April 17, 2014
residing over exterior siding


I live in a ranch-style home built in 1978 which has T-1-11 exterior siding. It was a rental property for several years, and neither the tenants or previous owners gave much thought to maintaining the exterior of the structure. The siding on the western and southern walls have deteriorated due to the sun, weather, and the lack of protection (the solid color stain on it is probably the original application). The top surface layer of theT-1-11 is flaking off in small splinters with a few bigger pieces in places.

While this is visually unattractive, the siding material appears structurally sound. Because scraping and re-staining this siding amounts to a large job, I was considering re-siding over the top of the existing walls using a hardboard sheet siding product (4’x 9′ sheets) which looks very similar to the original T-1-11.

I’d like your opinion regarding this situation and hearing the answers to the following questions:

  1. Can I re-side directly over the top of the existing T-1-11 using it as the underlayment or does it need to be removed? The T-1-11 is nailed directly onto the framing studs with no other underlayment.
  2. Should I seal the surface of the T-1-11 before I reside over it?
  3. Should I use an infiltration barrier (such as Tyvek) on top of the T-1-11 before re-siding?

My helper and I plan to do the work ourselves and have already replaced the existing aluminum framed windows on the other sides of the house with some very nice casement wood windows. I’ll also replace the windows on these two sides of the house at the same time I do the re-siding job. Thanks for the help!



We salute you for your well thought-out approach to this major home improvement. Also, what an excellent time to replace the windows!Yes, you can re-side directly over the existing siding. However, before doing so, be sure that the existing siding is properly anchored to the framing and that any high spots are securely nailed.

Once properly secured, cover the existing siding with a building paper, like Tyvek, and then install the new siding.

You might find it helpful to snap vertical lines over the building paper at each stud location to make your nailing easier.

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