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Self-cleaning Ovens

By on January 3, 2014

Why you shouldn’t help when an oven’s designed to clean itself

Part of the good life is having appliances that do the work for you – like self-cleaning ovens. But sometimes we’re inclined to give them a little help with a commercial oven cleaner and a good hand-scrubbing to loosen cooked-on goo. But doing so is not the right thing to do.

Chemicals can pit and ruin the porcelain surface. And when the oven reaches 850 to 900 degrees during the high-heat, self-cleaning cycle, chunks of porcelain as big as 6 inches across can start popping off the walls. So, put away the cleaner and rubber gloves, and relax while your oven cleans itself. Once the oven has done what it’s supposed to do, wipe up the carbon-ash residue with a damp cloth. It’s less work, and your oven won’t be damaged.

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