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SEEK Thermal is a Very Cool Tool

By on May 12, 2015

A Thermal Camera Can Affordably Solve Serious Repair Problems

There’s a brand spanking new tool on the block, and it’s as fantastic and as unusual as it is amazing and unique. More importantly, it’s a tool that both consumers and contractors will find nearly priceless.

Want to find a clog in a water pipe? Having trouble with hot spots on your barbecue grill? Want to find a cold spot inside your oven? Want to easily ascertain whether your wall or ceiling insulation is leaking? Want to find a water leak in your attic or crawl space? Want to quickly and effortlessly see if there are air leaks around your heat registers, wall switches and plugs; doors and windows? Want to find bad electric circuit?

If you want to rid yourself of these problems (and many others), you need to look into the Seek thermal camera for your Android Phone or iPhone.

Thermal imaging converts heat energy into an image that can be seen with the human eye. The Seek thermal camera allows the user to literally see heat and cold. Thus, making it possible to expose energy loss and water leaks, clogs in pipes, and a myriad of other hidden problems around the house.

Traditionally, thermal cameras costing thousands of dollars have been used by firefighters, law enforcement and the military to see through smoke or in complete darkness. The Seek thermal camera does the same thing for a paltry $249. Once your thermal camera arrives download the free app and start finding leaks of all kinds. By the way, the camera comes in a case that’s less than half the size of a pack of cigarettes

On a pitch-black night you can see the image of an animal in an open field or detect an object in the water.

It’s as simple as taking a picture. Found a use yet?

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