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Screw Thread Damage Control

By on May 18, 2014

In 1922, Hollywood producer Hal Roach introduced Laurel and Hardy, a couple of nuts that were always in trouble.

If you’ve ever used a hacksaw to shorten a machine screw, a carriage bolt or threaded rod, then you’ve had nut troubles, too. You discovered the nut won’t go back on the screw thread once you’ve sawn through the metal fastener and wrecked the screw thread.

But there is a simple answer. From deep within the Carey brother’s vault of “slowly-I-turned” info, we restore wrecked threads easily and quickly. Indeed says here the next time you shorten a screw bolt or rod by sawing, thread the nut onto the fastener first, well above where you’ll be cutting. Then after sawing it to length, simply back the nut off using a wrench. As it goes along, it will re-form the threads and shear off any metal burrs. That’s how it’s done.

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