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Roof Venting Benefits You Year Round

By on April 30, 2014

While the value of venting roofs is widely debated, there are benefits for unfinished attics all year long. Today you’ll learn the dos and don’ts of venting roofs and how to prevent some common goofs.

In summer, venting provides relief from intense heat buildup. It helps to cool the house below and prolong the life of shingles overhead. In winter months, it helps prevent roof ice damming and excessive moisture buildup, which can structurally deteriorate all it touches.

Residential and commercial roof ventilation systems work to allow any heat and accompanying moisture trapped in the upper part of the building to escape, especially in summer. At the same time, a proper ventilation unit prevents cold air from filtering to the inside. A common mistake is not balancing the intake and exhaust openings. For best performance, both should be equal in size.

Finally, while opening your home to fresh air, they should not provide easy access for rain, snow or critters of all types and sizes. Roof venting done right is a good thing.

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