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Roll on a brand new surface with real stone coating

By on September 22, 2016

Daich coating

A common question we get all the time relates to the challenge of sprucing up interior/exterior surfaces around the home that endure repeated use and abuse and weather extremes. Those surfaces range from exterior concrete, to garage floors and even functional/decorative fixtures inside the home, like counter tops.

Whether your concrete surfaces are just dull, dry and lifeless — or are in need of some serious TLC, one thing is sure: bare unprotected concrete does NOT get better with time. It’s under constant attack from water, temperature extremes, salt, dirt and abrasion. When worse for wear, these surfaces can seriously bring down the look of any yard, eliminating any curb appeal — and even create physical hazards.

And a kitchen with a worn-out, dated countertop…just feels like a worn-out dated kitchen.

So, how to fix these eyesores quickly and easily?

Provided that the underlying surface is structurally sound, “resurfacing them” with REAL STONE finishes from DAICH COATINGS is an exciting new option worth considering. Better yet, you can ROLL THEM ON yourself — over a weekend.

To give your exterior concrete new beauty and functionality, you need to install an effective shield right over top — and this is how you can do it. Daich concrete coatings are made from REAL STONE, which means they are tough, weather resistant and able to withstand salting and shoveling (in cold climates) as well as high heat and UV in warmer climates. You can also apply them to achieve excellent slip resistance. Twenty years and thousands of concrete surfaces later, their products are proven to last.

The same concept applies to your countertop. If you have an old laminate countertop or table that’s seen better days – and you want to give it an elegant new stone surface without spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars – the DAICH SpreadStone™ Countertop Finishing Kit is for you.

Does your current countertop truly add to your kitchen’s decor – or is it looking a bit tired and out of place? Is it damaged, burned, stained, cracked, chipped … worn thin? Are you happy with its current color? Is it one of those ceramic tile countertops with the annoying grout lines? Or maybe another finish that’s coming apart?

As DIY projects go, this one is fast, easy and will instantly upgrade an entire kitchen or bathroom. Consider these benefits:

• You don’t have to be an artist
• No weird tools or materials
• Cover laminate, wood, MDF, ceramic tile, cement and more
• Easy water clean-up, low VOC, and practically odorless!
• No need for messy rip out and replacement

…and the beauty of real stone YOU APPLY WITH A ROLLER (we think that’s pretty cool!!)

We’re excited by the possibilities this presents to our listeners and we invite you to visit the Daich Coatings website for more information at — or call their customer support department toll-free with any questions at 1-866-463-2424.

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