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Cool Tool Review: Rockwell Drills Compact & Powerful

By on March 18, 2015
Rockwell Power Drill and Impact Driver

Pretty Cool Tool Review

On the morning of a recent radio broadcast, within the hallowed walls of the On The House studio and work shop, laying atop the microphone adorned On The House work bench, laid two gold boxes each decorated with pictures of two handsomely designed, little green tools.

CoolToolReviewLOGOS300Like kids on Christmas morning, we ripped through the cellophane wrappers and flipped open our boxes to reveal some pretty cool tools. There was a Rockwell 20V MaxLithium Brushless Drill & Driver and a Rockwell 20V MaxLithium Brushless Impact Driver. There were also two 20v lithium batteries, a charger and a canvas-carrying bag. The instructions in the box mentioned a lifetime battery replacement guarantee if we simply registered the tools.

The race was on. Which of us could unwrap his kit the fastest? Moments later we were bragging to each other about the comfort of the grip, the quiet motor, the balance of the tool and the power of our new found workhorses.

As you might guess, we love good tools and couldn’t stop talking about them during the program. That was then and this is now. We have since put the drills through their paces in the field, and we have given them our A+ seal of approval. Here’s why: First, the motors are brushless – more power and longer battery life. The driver drill has a half-inch chuck – big enough for all of your bits. Both tools are compact and the batteries are among the smallest in the industry – this means easy storage. The light on the drill cannot be accidentally left on in the toolbox as long as the trigger is locked. There are tools that sport a secondary light trigger and the only way to prevent the light from coming on in the toolbox is to remove the battery. Rockwell’s drills are small, compact tools with small, compact batteries and anything but small power.

Like kids in a candy store, we love it when a company sends us a tool to test that turns out to be a “top end” product. The brushless drill driver sells for $179.99 and the brushless impact driver sells for $199.99. You simply won’t believe the balance, the feel, and the wrist twisting power.

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