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“On the Road” Gas Tips

By on January 30, 2014
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Henry Ford was born in 1863. 45 years later, he introduced the first Model T, which sold for $500. Today, almost a century later, $500 is about what it takes to fill up one of his SUVs! That’s why we offer these “on the road” gas saving tips and ways to avoid gas station fits!

To start saving money, remember the basics. Drve the limit, keep passing to a minimum, check tires for proper inflation, and don’t haul around unnecessary heavy items. As for ways to avoid gas-related problems, if there’s a tanker delivery truck at the station, don’t buy gas while it refills the underground tanks. The sediment it stirs up is sure to find its way into your fuel filter! Also, fill up frequently, never going lower than a quarter tank. If you do, condensation can form. Condensation reduces mileage and can hurt your engine. Pedal to the metal? Not these days! It’s “easy does it” and being smart (right, Henry?)

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