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Replacing Windows from Vinyl Sided Home

By on May 20, 2014
single pane window


My home from the 1960’s has its original single-paned windows. I’d like to replace them, but I can’t find a contractor to do it because of the house’s vinyl siding. What do I do?

Michael, Milpitas CA


This is one that requires a specific kind of contractor. One who has worked on vinyl and or aluminum siding. Contractors who have only done wood siding use different tools and techniques to patch siding and trim. Look in your yellow pages under exterior siding, and hopefully you can find a contractor who will be able to remove the vinyl siding for you. You won’t need to remove it all, but just around the window trim. Just about any contractor – no matter which kind of siding he or she typically works with, can replace the window. Find the right contractor for the siding patch and you will have found your window replacement contractor.

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