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Repairing and Replacing Old Wood Shingles

By on April 21, 2014

If you’ve got a wood shingle that is broken and torn, remove and repair it before the next storm. First pull out the damaged shingle. If it won’t slide out, split it with a hammer and chisel until it breaks free. For larger commercial roof replacement projects, it’s best to let a professional handle them.

If you don’t have a spare, buy a matching wood shingle bundle and use this Carey Brothers’ trick to artificially age it. You can instantly antique new shakes to match by dipping or brushing with a solution of 1 pound of baking soda dissolved in a half-gallon of water. In no time, your wood shingle will be weathered gray. Then add a coat of wood preservative, and use a utility knife to trim it 1-quarter inch narrower than the old shingle.

With a wood block, tap it in to a quarter inch below the row. Then drive two nails in at a 45-degree angle until flush or as close to the back edge as is possible. Then tap it into place, and the nails will disappear under the shingle above.

If you need to replace more than a few shingles, it’s best to let a professional roof replacement contractor handle the job.

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