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How To Repair A Damaged Window Sill

By on January 24, 2014
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Recently my daughter visited with her puppy, who promptly gnawed off an area around the corner of two wooden windowsills in the bedroom. How can I repair these without replacing the whole sill? They are wood with a stain finish. Thanks!



If you haven’t already learned your lesson, a growing puppy will chew on ANYTHING in sight. They especially like doors, carpet and the legs of fine furniture!Sometimes the easiest and most cost effective means of repair is to remove the existing damaged material and replace it with new material. This is usually the case if the damage is extensive and the material in question can be easily replaced. Removing a wood windowsill can be a major undertaking, so we suggest that you try “rebuilding” it with an epoxy or “two part” wood filler.

The fact that the windowsill is stained rather than painted makes the repair task a touch more challenging, but not something that can’t be easily accomplished with a bit of patience. Start by removing any loose material using a file and sandpaper. The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease and oil. Use a small drill bit (3/32 or so) to drill multiple holes in the face of the damaged windowsill. The holes will help the wood filler bond to the wood.

Mix the two parts (filler and hardener) per the directions and immediately apply the paste to the repair area using a putty knife. Apply more material than is needed and use the putty knife to tool the material to match the profile of the windowsill. You’ll need to work quickly since the filler will only be workable for about ten minutes.

After about 20 to 30 minutes the repair will be sufficiently hard enough that you will me able finish shape the profile using a sharp modeling knife, a plane, a file and sandpaper. Since epoxy wood fillers can’t be stained, we suggest that you use paint to “faux finish” the repaired area to blend in with the existing stain.

At least now you’ll know what to do if your daughter’s puppy tries to make a meal out of another part of your house!

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