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How to Remove Window Film in 2 Easy Steps

By on May 10, 2014


About five years ago, I put window film on my windows, but now I’d like to take it off to clean under it. Can I do this?

Diane, Carson City NV


This project is a lot easier than most people think. All you will need is a little sudsy ammonia, a spray bottle, some plastic wrap, and a razor blade. Make sure to perform the process we are about to describe only when the window is cool and not in direct sunlight. Also, make sure to protect the surrounding area – especially carpet and fabrics – to avoid any damage from the ammonia. As we mentioned the process is simple:
  1. First, spray the ammonia directly onto the window film (all over, until it’s soaking wet). Immediately cover the moistened are with the plastic wrap. Let everything sit for about 45 minutes. CAUTION: Do not let the ammonia dry out. If it does, remove the plastic wrap and re-spray the area. The ammonia will literally dissolve the adhesive that holds the film to your window.
  2. At this point gently peel back the plastic wrap and then the window film. Although a razor blade can help removal, having to press hard means that the ammonia was not given sufficient time to do with its job.

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