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Remove Broken Light Bulbs With Ease

By on May 11, 2014

Jerry Mathers was born June 2, 1948. Mathers was better known as Beaver Cleaver. His adventures or misadventures with brother Wally and friends remind us of the Carey Brothers’ “wonder years,” when we, too, were getting into mischief. It was then that we developed many of our best tips to cover up childhood damage, accidents and mishaps.

For instance, broken light bulbs. We caused a few, and as did Beaver and Wally, we hurried up and figured out how to fix the situation before our parents got home.

To remove a broken light bulb, first unplug the lamp, or turn off the power. We learned that the hard way. Put on heavy gloves and safety glasses and press a rubber ball or even a potato firmly into the metal socket and twist. If it won’t budge try using needle-nosed pliers. When you put in the new bulb, put petroleum jelly on the threads to make it easier to remove next time.

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