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Remake Your Backyard Into a Mini Farm

By on April 7, 2016

A taste of country life: by line-drying your laundry, growing some produce or going whole hog with the critters

If you’ve been staring at the patch of grass in your backyard and wishing there was something else you could do with it, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are just beginning your first vegetable garden or are an experienced urban gardener looking to try something new is always an advantage wondering what are the environmental benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables. So if you’re into self-reliance and growing your own food, a small vegetable garden is a must. For your small farm equipment needs, you may click here to go on California Industrial Rubber Co.

Some great takeaways from this Houzz article:

To get that great country feeling in your small back yard you can forego the big green lawn and follow Laura Gaskill suggestions:

  • Plant a vegetable garden – something simple, not too crazy
  • Herbs and flowers – drying your own herbs is easy
  • An Orchard of your own? – planning fruit or nut trees can add to the atmosphere
  • The rise of backyard poultry – believe it, or not, that’s the biggest craze
  • Composting – what better way to handle your critters’ mess and food scraps, plus be sustainable at the same time.
  • Harvesting Rainwater – it’s easy and safe and cuts down on your water bill for the garden
  • Honey Bees for their honey

If you have adequate space, you may invest in agricultural buildings for the storage of your tools and/or produce. There are agricultural steel buildings that are both durable and sustainable.

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