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Reduce Energy Costs

By on June 9, 2014
energy efficiency

In 1965 a failure in New York knocked out electrical power for most of the East Coast and Canada, affecting 30 million people over 80,000 square miles. Today, deregulation and high oil prices are again “knocking out” homeowners with soaring utility bills and heating costs.

Here’s how to cut energy usage to save money. In cold climates, lower heat to 68 F and raise it to 78 F where it’s hot. Add fiberglass insulation to reduce heat loss in celings and exposed walls. Close curtains to stay cooler and open them where it’s cold and sunny — to capture free heat. To stop drafts, caulk windows, weather-strip doors and close the chimney flue. Turn off furnace pilot lights when it’s not heating.

Also buy new energy-efficient appliances. Many utility companies offer rebates when you do so. Insulate your water heater and pipes with wrap, and set hot water at 130 F. Start saving today.

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