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Protect Your Garage Floor

By on May 13, 2014

Is winter taking its toll on your garage floor? Is it all salt and grime when you open the door? In cold climates lots of salt and road grime accumulate under your car. Due to whatever else might be in you garage, and temperatures that might be below freezing, hosing down the floor is not always an easy option for quick cleanups. Over time the mess gets worse, and surface gunk starts becoming permanent stains. Salt left for long periods is bad for concrete, too.

So what’s a homeowner to do? Sealing goes a long way toward keeping concrete in good shape. It makes cleanups easier, too.

Painting a garage floor helps, but has its down side — like peeling and lifting where tires sit overnight.

A better solution is specific concrete sealers. They’re available at your local hardware store. General-purpose water sealants are OK, too, but will have to be applied more often to remain effective. Either way, a good cleaning first and proper preparation (per directions) are a must.

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