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Protect Your Electronics

By on July 27, 2014

The U.S. Weather Bureau was created in 1870, but their big ribbon-cutting ceremony was cancelled due to a huge rainstorm. Even pros get caught off-guard with regard to weather. That’s why you, and all your high-tech electronics, should be ready to handle nasty power spikes from unexpected blackouts, storms and lightning strikes. There are two key strategies for protecting computers, data and valuable electronics.

The first is surge-suppression, and most computers use this type of interface between costly hardware and the power source.

The second is an uninterruptible power source — a dedicated battery backup that kicks in when there’s a sudden power loss, so you can save work and shut down properly. They are growing in popularity. Recently whole-house surge suppressors were introduced. Wired directly into a home’s main electrical panel, they protect outlets throughout the house. And models like Surgebreaker Plus (by square D) cost only about $260. Want optimum protection? Consider all three. 

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