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Propane Proliferation for Your Grilling Pleasure

By on May 14, 2014

Columbus Day is when we celebrate what he discovered in 1492, and that would be us! However, if your having a big barbecue today, with lots of friends and family over and you’ve fired up the gas grill. There is something you don’t want to discover today, and that would be you’re out of propane gas! Today you’ll learn how you can be always know when your propane tank is running low.

Here’s how: The simplest and most economical way is with a temperature-controlled gas gauge “strip”. It’s a narrow strip of plastic, about half inch wide that sticks on the side of the tank, running from top to bottom. To read it, you heat water to near boiling point and drizzle it down the side of the tank, over the plastic strip, and it will indicate the propane level inside!

They’re widely available at many types of stores and only cost a few dollars. Many tank exchange programs offer them for free. Today you can celebrate “discovering” propane gas tank gauges too!

Before you run out of propane for your appliances and equipment, you may contact a propane delivery company to avoid any hassles.

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