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Preparing for Old Man Winter

By on March 18, 2014

Winter can be tough on you when it rolls around. Today, you’ll learn a few things you can do to prepare for Old Man Winter.

If you haven’t done so already, adding insulation is a good place to start. Both fiberglass bats and blown insulation are effective and easy to install. But remember, neither is intended or designed to be a barrier against air infiltration and air leaks. Anything that leaks — whether a window or a door or a crack in the attic floor, gaps around pipes, ducts, and wiring — should be caulked and sealed before insulating.

To test for air leaks, hold up a match or candle. If the flame burns steadily, you’re OK. If it flickers, caulking and sealing are the order of the day. When you button up your overcoat, button up your home, too. You’ll increase comfort and save money on energy bills.

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