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Popular Trends for Bathroom Remodeling

By on May 3, 2014
The Carey Brothers on The Hallmark's Home & Family

The FBI introduced its “10 most-wanted list” in 1950 to assist in capturing dangerous criminals who were at large. The Carey Brothers have a “most-wanted list,” too. Its purpose is to publicize what Americans want in new bathrooms when they remodel or step up to a better home.

Our investigation revealed that master baths are growing both in size and importance. Homeowners want more luxury amenities such as a separate shower — with glass up to the ceiling — so steam or a sauna can be included, as well. They want larger sunken tubs with whirlpools. They put emphasis on low maintenance (like less grout) in addition to more cultured marble and granite around tubs.

America is splurging on furniture-quality cabinetry with solid-surface- or natural-stone countertops. In cold climates, heated towel racks and radiant floors are in demand and many smart homeowners are just retrofitting — selectively upgrading rather than totally tearing out and redoing. The FBI’s most-wanted list helps G-men. Ours tells you what’s “gee whiz.”

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