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Plastic and Others

By on March 26, 2014
galvanised sheet metal gutters


We are in the process of re-roofing our home. While we are at it, we would like to install new gutters. I have seen the plastic type advertised as “easy for the do-it-yourselfer”. Is this something I should seriously consider?



Yes, “plastic” or vinyl gutters are easiest for the layperson to install but, among the different types of gutters that are available, we believe they are among the least appealing.First, lets look at what’s available. There’s galvanized sheetmetal (GSM), aluminum and PVC. Of the three, the most popular is galvanized sheetmetal. Sheetmetal gutters offer excellent longevity, and are available in several styles that can lend architectural flair to an otherwise simple exterior. Although PVC has certain properties that will tend to make it last longer, properly maintained GSM gutters and downspouts will last indefinitely. Although aluminum can be more appealing than PVC, we believe that of the three it is most easily damaged.

If you chose to install the gutters yourself, we suggest you investigate the possibility of galvanized sheetmetal. Although custom professional installations involve special fabrication techniques and special tools, there are products available that can be assembled quite easily and without a lot of special equipment. Check with a local sheetmetal fabricator or wholesale house.

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