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Pick the Right Bathtub for You

By on May 13, 2014
bathrub refinishing

Considering a new bathtub or a bathtub replacement? Wondering whether cast-iron or acrylic is your better bet? We’ll offer a few pros and cons of tubs — to help you get the best scrub-a-dub-dub.

These days traditional cast-iron bathtubs are getting a run for their money from a steady stream of new and improved acrylics.

But which is better? Cast-iron has good heat-retaining qualities and a tough porcelain finish that lasts and lasts. On the downside, they’re heavy and costly. Conversely, molded acrylic tubs are a lot lighter in weight and a lot less expensive. Models with one piece or integral surrounds have no joints and seams to leak, and no grout or caulking to clean or replace. On their minus side, the finish on acrylics and fiberglass is nowhere near as tough as baked-on porcelain. So, what are your priorities? Cost, maintenance, beauty, no grout to clean? In the end they’ll all get you clean equally well.

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