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Pet Safety to Prevent Poisoning

By on April 25, 2014

It’s the last big weekend of summer? is safety part of your plans? Besides safe highway travel, and being sure foods properly cooked, there’s one more that’s often over-looked! Don’t forget pet safety, too!

Veterinarians say pets are more at risk than ever, especially from poisoning, which is the number one reason for emergency visits to animal hospitals and, unfortunately, for premature deaths.

Vets recommend these basics to protect your pets: know which plants in your house or yard are poisonous, and keep pets away. Never allow cats or dogs access to cleaning agents, because many smell good but, if ingested, can cause problems ranging from stomach upset to severe mouth, tougue and stomach burns. Use special caution with bait for rodents and insects they often contain sweet lures that will attract your pets, too.

Besides guarding things like medicine, don’t overlook surprisers like batteries, pennies, cigarettes, and automotive products. For a safe holiday weekend, remember pet safety too!


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