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Partner Feature: 5 Reasons Pros Choose ROXUL® over Fiberglass

By on March 23, 2016

Many contractors and homeowners insist on ROXUL® stone wool insulation for the distinct advantages it offers over a conventional insulation like fiberglass. ROXUL products deliver reliable comfort, performance and safety benefits that take effect as soon as it is installed and lasts throughout the life of a building.

So what are some of the reasons why many pros won’t settle for anything less than ROXUL?


Made from stone, ROXUL® has a high melting point, much higher than most other forms of insulation.  It can withstand temperatures up to 2,150° F, while a typical house fire burns at approximately 1,100˚F. Because of this, ROXUL essentially acts as a firestop––a barrier that delays the spread of fire in a situation where every second counts. In the event of a fire, ROXUL stone wool insulation will not contribute to toxic smoke or harmful gases and will not promote the spread of flames, providing valuable extra time to get to safety.


The moisture resistant properties of ROXUL® insulation actually enable it to repel water, helping to create a safer indoor environment because it protects against rot, mold, mildew and bacterial growth.  Unlike traditional insulations, ROXUL products dry quickly if exposed to water, remaining dimensionally stable and retaining their stated R-value.  This durability means you can depend on ROXUL for long-term performance. Traditional insulations, like fiberglass, tend to retain water once wet, and as a result, they can slump in the wall cavity and create voids that can compromise thermal resistance and lead to mold issues.


Comprised of basalt rock and recycled slag––a by-product of steel production––ROXUL® products are made from inert materials that will not support mold or fungal growth.  Its stone composition also plays an important role in its water repellant qualities.  Moreover, its higher density gives it better dimensional stability for easier install, better fit and reliable thermal performance.  Stone wool was originally discovered in Hawaii, as a naturally-occurring by-product of volcanic activity.  The basalt rock used to make stone wool is an abundant, renewable resource.


comfort_no4ROXUL® stone wool insulation provides exceptional thermal performance, helping to keep your home more comfortable in any climate or weather.  Its unique composition and fiber structure ensures a snug fit to prevent conditioned air from leaking out and unconditioned outdoor air from seeping in. With heating and cooling comprising two-thirds of the average energy bill, ROXUL stone wool insulation can help achieve greater energy efficiency.  When a home is insulated properly, homeowners can realize savings of up to $750 per year!  Use ROXUL COMFORTBATT® thermal insulation in exterior walls, cathedral ceilings, attics, crawlspaces, exposed floors and basements.   


quiet insulationNothing beats the tranquility of a quiet home––and that’s exactly what ROXUL® SAFE ‘n’ SOUND® provides. Its high-density composition and unique non-directional fiber are behind the product’s excellent sound dampening qualities.  ROXUL SAFE ‘n’ SOUND® acts as an effective barrier against noise transmission between rooms (and between floors when installed in ceilings), contributing to a more enjoyable sound environment.  ROXUL SAFE ‘n’ SOUND®, paired with resilient channels, delivers sound absorption relief from the nuisance of impact noise, often caused by footsteps, doors slamming and furniture movement.  ROXUL SAFE ‘n’ SOUND® also combats airborne noise such as music, speech and traffic sounds.  It is specially engineered for a snug fit between interior wall cavities.  Delivering exceptional sound proofing even against pervasive lower frequency bass ranges, ROXUL is often the choice of professional recording studios.  Count on ROXUL SAFE ‘n’ SOUND® for quieter bedrooms and home offices.  Contain furnace and laundry room noise or the blare of home theatres with this interior sound-dampening insulation that also provides unparalleled fire protection.

There are some additional benefits that make ROXUL® an excellent choice for builders, contractors and homeowners, alike:


Easy to cut precisely with a serrated blade, such as a bread knife. The flexible edge of ROXUL® COMFORTBATT® and SAFE ‘n’ SOUND® insulation creates a spring back action on install, expanding the batt against the studs, joists or rafters to give a complete fill.  It also compensates for normal variations in stud centers caused by distortion or warping.  This reduces air flow and maximizes thermal performance.


All ROXUL® products and manufacturing processes are environmentally conscious. ROXUL stone wool insulation products contain a high recycled content and are CFC- and HCFC-free.  They are also among the few building products that can recover the energy used in their manufacturing process.  Installing ROXUL insulation can reduce energy consumption and dependence on fossil fuels, thereby decreasing harmful CO2 emissions.  When ROXUL is the specified insulation, green building developers can earn a variety of LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points across four key categories toward sustainable development. As a top green building product, ROXUL has received GREENGUARD’s most stringent certification for indoor air quality.



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