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Painting a Floor with Radiant Heat

By on April 15, 2014
how to paint a concrete floor with radiated heat


Can I paint a concrete floor that has copper heating pipes in it? If so, what kind of paint would have to be used?



Yes! The fact that you have radiant heating in your slab floor does not inhibit your ability to paint the surface. Start with a good thorough vacuuming of the floor. Once you’ve got it all cleaned up, apply a coat or two of a masonry block filler or “block sealer”. This primer will help provide a more uniform surface for the finish coat and will aid in the adhesion of the final coat. By sealing the voids, block sealers reduce dirt accumulation and improve surface color uniformity.Next, apply (a roller is OK) a finish coat using a latex floor paint. Latex floor paints have most of the application advantages of latex wall paints, as well as fairly good abrasion resistance,. The absence of toxic or flammable solvents makes them good for use in areas like basements where ventilation may be poor. And, better yet, they will dry to a comparatively low gloss. One problem: what would Michaelangelo say if he knew you were painting your floor?

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