Newsletter: March 14, 2015 – On the House

Newsletter: March 14, 2015

By on March 20, 2015
trends in tiles and choosing doors

Trends in Tiles and Choosing Doors


What’s Trending in Tile in 2015

Tiles have always been the “go to material” for their durability and ability to withstand above average wear and tear and once again interior designers are tiling backsplashes from floor to ceiling. .>> More


Choosing the Right Door for Your Home

Are you planning to replace your painted, worn out looking interior doors? Here is some information you can and will use! What door construction should you select? .>> More

10,000 Year Old Remedy – Vinegar

Vinegar can be made by adding oxygen to wine. Or it can be made by adding oxygen to a distilled (and fermented) mixture of corn and sugar (corn liquor). Just about any consumable alcohol can be used to make acetic acid. >> More

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New “Toilet-Unclogging Plastic Wrap” May Do in the Plunger

Pongtu, Toilet-Unclogging plastic wrap might replace your plunger. It looks like there’s no way this could possibly work. But check it out.

Pinterest Board: Organic Gardening

Organic and sustainable garden and landscape ideas.

Q&A: Removing Ceramic Tile from a Concrete Slab

Removing a ceramic tile floor can be a difficult task, however we believe that this can be done in an inexpensive manner.

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