Newsletter: July 2014 – On the House

Newsletter: July 2014

By on July 11, 2014


Working our Day Job

Did you ever wonder if the Carey Brothers have a day job? Yes they do, James Carey and Morris Carey, are nationally recognized experts on home building and renovation. They share their 55+ years of experience as award-winning, licensed contractors with millions of people nationwide through a weekly radio program and syndicated newspaper column both titled On The House.

Morris and James

7 Foolproof Steps for Customizing Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Customizing your kitchen can be a big undertaking; after planning and designing on the large scale, it might be tempting to put little thought into choosing the cabinet hardware. However, high-traffic rooms deserve detailed attention, and companies like Berenson Corp have made it easy to find the perfect hardware designs to integrate into your unique kitchen style. From selection to installation, you’ll be in control and moving towards a beautiful new space..  >>Read More

Open Up Your Living Space with Phantom Screens

Summer is in full swing, inviting us to open our homes and spend time on our decks and patios long after the sun goes down. However, the hot afternoon sun and biting insects often keep us from using the outdoor spaces to the full potential.  >>Read More

Infrared Grilling on Sabre Grills

Top Products – Architectural Digest Home Design Show

The Kleber & Associates team traveled from Chicago to California last month to check first-hand the state of the industry from the perspective of four separate trade shows. I hope you enjoy our reporting from each unique experience as you celebrate America’s birthday with friends and family this holiday weekend.  Read the Full Post Here>>

NeoCon 2014: Cutting Edge Design in the Windy City  >> Read More

The West Coast Swing Stop One: Dwell on Design 2014 in Los Angeles  >> Read More

The West Coast Swing Stop Two – On the Streets of San Francisco for PCBC   >>Read More

CHICAIAGO!  AIA 2014 Hits Chicago  >> Read More

Quick Tips:

Best BBQ Beans on the Planet

Check out our best recipe for BBQ Beans from the Grill Guy.


10 Things To Do Before You Go On Vacation

If you are off for that dream vacation, make sure your home does not become a statistic with these few simple tips:

1. Hold All of Your Mail and Newspapers or Ask a Neighbor to Pick Them Up: A pile of newspapers on the front porch is an invitation to burglars that you’re out of town ...check out the other 9 tips online.

Homeowner’s Guide to Preventing Electrical Fires Keeping your family safe [Download the PDF]


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A Hot Garage Is Not Cool: 6 Tips to Cool it Down

During summer, increasing airflow in the garage is step one.

Deck Safety Checklist

Follow the National American Deck & Railing Association’s 10-point checklist to keep your deck safe and  relaxing.

Know Your Water Meter

Become familiar with this system so you can shut off your water supply if necessary, test for leaks and understand your water usage. Check your company’s specific regulations before you inspect your water meter.


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