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Our New Kenmore Kitchen Appliances are Fantastic

By on July 20, 2017

When I walked into our kitchen this morning I had completely forgotten that we had recently installed all of our major appliances.  For a brief second, it was like I had just seen them for the very first time. An instant later I thought, “even though they’ve been her for a while, I still can’t believe how beautiful they are and what a pleasure it is to have them.”

I mentioned the new kitchen on the air a few weeks back and have had many phone calls and email requests asking for more information on specifically which appliances we have and why. So here goes.

We replaced the appliances that the builder had originally installed over 14 years ago. Why did we do it? We did it because our old appliances were starting to fall apart. The dishwasher and range were on their last leg and our refrigerator was too small. Oh, and our microwave had a “limp” if you know what I mean!

Remodeling Babe and I talked about what we wanted to get. We made a list of features that were important to us.

  • Convection
  • Gas range
  • Quiet operation
  • More refrigerator space
  • More freezer space
  • A double oven
  • High BTU cooktop burners
  • A stainless finish and more.

Then we talked about the best appliances we’d ever owned. Our Kenmore washer and dryer ended up topping the list.  And we had plenty of experience with other brands. We had owned Viking, Whirlpool, GE, Kitchen Aid, Dacor, Fisher & Paykel and more.  Also, we have been attending trade shows several times every year for over two and a half decades – studying the “latest and greatest.”

Remodeling Babe and I have a medium sized house on a golf course in a gated senior’s community. It’s very quiet here. No sirens, no boom boxes, no tires screeching or engines revving. Seniors tend to enjoy a quieter lifestyle. So, now that you know what is less in our neighborhood, you should know what we all do more. We exercise, we play golf, we walk, we swim and we entertain. And cooking plays a really big part in entertaining guests.

So, now you know the why. So here is the what – as mentioned earlier – we chose Kenmore because our best appliance set ever was the Kenmore brand. And, we also have always loved that superb Sears service department. Our kitchen now sports the following appliances:

Kenmore Range

RANGE: Kenmore Elite, 30” Wide, Model 71853, 5.9 Cu. Ft., Double-Oven Gas Range – Stainless Steel. The range comes first. It’s the coolest. In a 30” space there are five burners (one in the middle can be used with a pancake griddle – whenever we like) and four other burners ranging from “more heat than you’ll ever need” to a burner that will simmer the most delicate dish slowly and elegantly. Two ovens make baking dinner and warming a pie, at the same time, a breeze.

Kenmore  Refrigerator

REFRIGERATOR: Kenmore, Model 72493, 26.7 Cu. Ft., 4-Door French Refrigerator w/Dual Freezer Drawers – Stainless Steel. We once had a three-foot wide built in refrigerator. It doesn’t hold a candle to our Kenmore 28-footer. For the first time in as long as we can remember we have room for all of our groceries. After a month it still isn’t full. That’s BIG!! We LOVE the in-door ice-maker, the water filtering system, the door mounted digital controls and the versatility of the adjustable shelving. Thank you Kenmore.

Kenmore Dishwasher

Kenmore Dishwasher

DISHWASHER: Kenmore 14573 24” Built-in Dishwasher w/Removable Third Rack – Stainless Steel. Our new Kenmore dishwasher is the cat’s meow. It is unbelievably quiet, it is enormous inside, there are three drawers and the center drawer is adjustable up and down to fit our dishware to a “T”. The controls are on the top and using the digital touch-pad is sooo simple.

Kenmore Microwave

MICROWAVE: Kenmore Elite, Model 80373, 1.8 Cu. Ft., Over-the-Range Convection Microwave – Stainless Steel. The inside of our Kenmore microwave is amazing. It sports a three-dimensional diamond patterned stainless steel interior. It looks so advanced and works so well. The digital control works as smooth as silk, the light in the microwave the illuminates the cooktop below is bright and the intensity is adjustable. When the exhaust fan is on low it is so quiet. And when we need lots of cooking smoke removed from the kitchen there is a “Boost” cycle that gets rid of everything in an instant.

We love our Kenmore kitchen and highly recommend that you include Kenmore in your appliance search. Kenmore is amazing and priced to fit the average person’s pocket book. In my opinion, you can’t beat Kenmore.

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