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9 New Home Trends for 2016

By on May 22, 2016

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New technology is changing the way that we build so that today’s houses look nothing like the ones you may remember from your childhood. These days, homes are being constructed to be greener and to fit the way that we live. Here is a look at some of the hottest home design trends for 2016:

Muted Colors

White motifs will continue to be popular for some time; however, pastels, charcoals and grays are coming into fashion. These are seen as alternatives to the conventional white. Bold primary colors are expected to be less popular.

Environmentally Friendly Design

One of the newer revolutions when it comes to home construction has to do with the emphasis on environmental friendliness. These days, the construction field is far more focused on green buildings and green living than it used to be. There is a focus on using biodegradable materials as well as energy efficient elements like glass doors and windows with multiple panes. Doors made of glass let light into a space thus reducing the need for electrical light while multiple windowpanes help to prevent heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. Both can reduce a homeowner’s ecological footprint by reducing their consumption of energy.

Spaces for High Technology

Experts expect that kitchens will have special areas for smartphones and tablets so that these devices can be stored and charged. The idea is to enhance the kitchen for families that are always on the go. Other related conveniences include smart appliances ranging from coffee makers to ovens.

Reclaimed Wood

This is another aspect of the focus on environmental friendliness. The use of reclaimed wood has been popular over the last few years with barn doors being popular elements in many designs. Expect this to continue as many homeowners opt for rustic styles. In many cases, this will be combined with a contemporary element or used in an otherwise contemporary setting.

Unexpected Color from LED Lights

Colored lights in unusual places that can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet app are two more popular trends among homeowners. Examples of places where LED lights may be used include on showerheads (they color the streams of water) and above kitchen cabinets. LEDs are an easy way to make otherwise unexceptional places more visually interesting.


Open Shelving

This trend is not a new one as open shelves have been popular for the last few years; however, open shelving now has a new twist with the addition of glass doors on cabinets and cupboards. These help to protect stored items while still providing the aesthetic benefits of open shelving. It is important to note that this is not for homes with limited storage space as it will be necessary to have other spaces without open shelving to store items you want kept from sight.


Open shelving is a part of an overall trend toward simplicity with the goal of creating serene living spaces. This type of design represents a tightly controlled approach to decorating a home with few quality pieces rather than using a large quantity of decorative items. This is not ideal for all homes as it will be necessary to have storage spaces for regularly used items.

Artistic Features

Many millennials find handmade or artistic elements appealing. Of course, it can be expensive to use handmade art as a part of a home’s décor; however, it is possible to find affordable pieces. The right items can make ordinary spaces extraordinary. Options include hand-blown glass vessel sinks and three-dimensional tile that can add visual interest to a bathroom.

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Kitchens Integrated With Living Spaces

Some homeowners may feel that their kitchen is disconnected from the rest of their home while others may want the space where they cook to feel more welcoming. This trend can help with both issues. With this trend, the home’s main living space and the kitchen converge. Expect designers to merge living-rooms and kitchens even further by using hidden appliances.



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