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Multiple Tube Skylights

By on March 11, 2014

You say you’ve got a “spider” in your attic? Don’t be upset… be ecstatic!

Today, you’ll learn how a new multiple-tube skylight can light up you life — four times over. Tube skylights have been around for a few years and are growing in popularity with builders, remodelers and homeowners due to both ease of installation and low-cost, high-performance illumination.

But an even newer innovation has just emerged. It’s called the Spyder. It uses only one curb-mounted, solar-roof collector attached to four separate solar light tunnels running to four separate rooms or ceiling areas. Available in 10-inch, 14-inch or 21-inch diameter tubes, the Spyder by Sun-Tek brings sunlight to homes in a make-sense way that was never before possible. The multiple light tube sizes can even be mixed to accommodate various needs in different rooms.

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