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Misting System/Outdoor AC

By on August 7, 2016
misting zone

When the star Sirius appears in the night sky it signifies the official start of the “dog days of summer” — 40 of the hottest, stickiest days of the year (July 3 to Aug. 15). This year you can be cool — without being indoors — by installing a misting system like you see in hotels and restaurants. Water, pumped through overhead piping, is forced out of a series of small nozzles, producing a fine mist (about 50 microns in size) that floats on the air. It reduces temperatures 20-or-more degrees. A misting system can be all or partly home-made from standard PVC parts and misting components, or purchased in kit form at hardware stores and home centers. On average, they go for less than $100. There are small portable fan-like units, too: a 10-gallon model cools 200 square feet for five hours. The “dog days” are here, but you don’t have to sweat it. Just play “misty” and forget it. And that’s the On The House tip for today.

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