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Microwave Water Caution

By on January 3, 2014

Fast heating? There’s danger if you super-heat water for soups and brew

Microwaves, first introduced in the 50s, are a must today for fast heating and cooking. Today you’ll learn that there’s danger lurking there too if you super-heat water for soups and brew! Maybe you’ve heard the tale and think it’s just another urban legend about someone heating water in a microwave and then having it explode, causing severe facial burns and scalding. Well, believe it, because it’s true! Here’s what can happen and why.

Sometimes water heated in a smooth container does not boil when it hits the proper temperature because the smooth surface keeps bubbles from forming and escaping. The result? The water is heated far beyond its boiling point, and when you place a spoon or powder in the super-heated water, steam escapes in a rush, blasting extremely hot water out too! The way to prevent this is to add mixes or tea bags to water first, then microwave it with a stir stick or plastic spoon in it. Also, be sure to never heat liquids for more than two minutes on high.

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