Marketing Opportunities – On the House

Marketing Opportunities

Our Goal

  • Build Your Brand
  • Tell Your Story
  • Drive Traffic to Your Website
  • Accelerate Digital Media Engagement
  • Boost Retail Relationships & In-Store Traffic
  • Help Develop New Distribution Channels
  • Educate Consumers
  • Influence Pros & DIY’ers
  • Draw Traffic to Your Tradeshow Exhibit
  • Give Your PR Campaign Added Traction
  • Generate Qualified Leads
  • Increase Sales Volume
  • Improve Your Bottom Line!

How we make it happen

On The House Media is more that just a radio program. Take advantage of one or more of the following traditional and nontraditional marketing opportunities.

Daily & Weekly Radio Commercial Announcements
Listen to Sample (15 Seconds)
Listen to Sample (30 Seconds)
Listen to Sample (60 Seconds)
“Brought to you By” Radio Billboard Announcements
Listen to Sample
“Brought to you By” Podcast Billboard Announcements
 Listen to Sample (15 Seconds)
On-Air Product Placement & Giveaways
Listen to Sample
On-Air Interviews
Listen to Sample
Educational Series On-Air & Online
Listen to Sample
Sweepstakes On-Air & Online
Listen to Sample



Remote Radio Broadcasts from Tradeshows, Retail Locations & Events
Listen to Sample
Banners, Logos and Links at
Put Samples of the Banners Here with a downloable PDF

Web Ad Sizes include:
720×90 and 920×90 for the top Leaderboard ads (above the Carey Brothers Banner.300×250 Display ads in the sidebars of the homepage, pages and posts
160×600 Banner in the middle of the homepage below Latest Posts
420×80 Banner ads running on the left of the home page below categories

The background of the home page is available as a clickable advertisement.

TheCareyBros website ad examples

+ Digital Media Engagement via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the On The House App for iPad and iPhone
+ Video production, Videocasts, Digital Feeds and News Inserts

The On The House Quick Tips

  • Aired twice daily on 125 radio stations
  • Emailed daily to over 4,000 subscribers
  • Presented daily on our website
  • Presented daily on our iTunes App


  • Tip airs on 125  stations twice daily
  • That’s 250 commercials every day
  • 1,250 every week
  •  5,417 every month!


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